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Via Paul Valery 3 - 20143 Milano MI - Italy

This is to introduce you to our new studio, TwinB. A studio, based in Milan, whose aim is to create unforgettable spaces where people can come across new experiences and live deep emotions. The team’s components are young professionals with the same passion and university background in yacht and ship design. TwinB is a reality born from the fusion of two careers focused on interior shipbuilding.

A project manager with a 12-year experience in cruise ship outfitting met a yacht designer. The former brought his skills in developing technical solutions while adhering to ship construction standards; the latter, having a 7-year experience in real estate projects, eventually approached interior cruise design over the last 5 years to find his own designing style.

TwinB merges the skills of its two co-founders to create and provide a new complete service to cruise companies, allowing them to develop new projects, based on client requirements, by using innovative and creative processes.Being passionate about design allows us to dive in every single new vision that we’re able to give birth to, first transforming it in sketches and then in beautiful and breath-taking living experiences. Our first goal is to search for a recognizable identity and convert it in style.

TwinB’s signature aims to be a unique rich combination of harmony and refinement achieved through dedicated and innovative material choices, which result in comfortable spaces. Personality and elegance are key words in our projects, denoting good taste and avoiding affectation and excessive mannerism.